These are some reasons that our fans love Loura!                                             TASTE IT 

Excellent Climate

Located at Lout Salt Desert of Iran and having an unique climate, Loura gardens yield high quality and tasty pistachios in the world.

Hygienic Packaging

Loura pistachios are produced in Cellophane and Can packages that are entirely vacuumed and hygienic and have good looking design.

Various Pistachios

There are many different varieties of Loura pistachios. Each variety has its own differing characteristics and flavor.

Full Production Cycle

We have our own pistachio gardens and factories. We cover all of the production cycle from planting to packaging.

Unique Baking

This method causes the pistachio maintaining natural properties and also results in elimination of all contaminating factors.

Low Aflatoxin Rate

Aflatoxin rate of Loura pistachios is according to the international standards because of observance of sanitation and safety principles.

High Kernel Ratio

Loura pistachios have a high kernel to in-shell ratio, meaning you buy a higher amount of the edible kernels for the same amount of pistachios.

Unique Taste

Loura pistachios have a unique and distinctive taste. All consumers have shown a preference for the taste of Loura pistachios.

You got our reasons for popularity of Loura among our fans. Now, see some testimonials from them!

"Loura pistachio is the most delicious pistachio that I have ever had. The taste is very unique and the packaging is appropriate with nice looking."

Rohollah Abolhasani, Cup Kish Company, Iran


    "I have been attracted by the high quality and excellent taste and nice packaging of Loura pistachios. And one important thing in this company is the accountability in its personnel."

Hamid Rezapour, Import & Export Mani Perfian Company, China